Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brian Head

We just got home from a family reunion up at Brian Head Resort. It was such a great time, and the weather was perfect. We did a couple of hikes. One of the hikes was to a waterfall. When I got there Parker was right underneath it singing. It looked like he was singing in the shower. There was still some snow up there so we were having a snowball fight while hiking. It was pretty crazy to be doing that in July. They have some cool caves that you can go in, kind of like the nutty putty caves, that Dave took Parker and Jack to. I had to stay home since Shane couldn't go but everybody who went send they were really cool. There was tons of just hanging out with cousins and eating. One night our niece Swaezy told Dave she would give him $100 if she could crack 2 eggs on his head. Dave agreed so we went out on the back patio and she cracked 1 and rubbed it all over his back and hair and then she said never mind I don't want to spend the money. We all had a good laugh about that especially since it was Dave. Parker one night decided to toliet paper Sadie and Saylor while they were asleep. He told us he used a whole roll. I was a bit scared to see the mess he made. When I saw what he did I cracked up. See the picture above to see what I mean. On the 4th they had face painting and balloon animals, along with bounce houses. Later that night they had a big firework show which was so awesome to hear the echo in the canyon. It was such a great time. I love the mountains and playing in them. All the kids got along great and Shane was so great as well. Dave's mom always does such an amazing job with the food. We ate like kings.

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